Some people are having some basic problems with blueprint, but the error reports are something along the lines of “it doesn’t work” and they give up, citing that the program sucks and isn’t of any use to anyone. As with any software, there may be a learning curve or a mis-understanding about how to use the program. Please don’t just toss it away like yesterdays trash if it doesn’t start popping out objects for you the first time round. It’s a 3D program and may need a little patience to understand what’s going on. Also, posting and emailing messages like “it doesn’t work” and giving very vague information doesn’t do anyone any good. Be as descriptive as possible and if possible, include a screenshot of the problem.

I am putting a few extra hooks in now to handle things like missing Sims data or misconfigured installations of The Sims, but it’s not going to solve every problem. Generally, if you get an error message that doesn’t look like it came from blueprint then it’s something really bad that’s happened and could be related to your video card or even the system. I won’t get into detail about how to diagnose a problem on your machine, but if you’re getting the same error in multiple programs, your problem probably isn’t related to application software but rather something more global. I do try to help out as much as possible in the forums with errors but considering I’m a team of 1 and there are hundreds of different system configuraitons out there, well, I’m good but not that good. I will be putting some more error checking into blueprint as well as providing a reporting facility so that you can send a detailed log of your system configuration to me when things do go wrong. This should help me point out the problems a little better and get you back up and running.