Sigh. I guess the saying “You can’t please everybody” is really true and keeps coming back into my face.

Various polls and forum postings from around the net are saying “blueprint sucks”. Well gosh darn. Guess I’m not perfect after all. C’mon guys. Let’s be a little more mature than this. Besides, this is finally a tool that allows people without gobs of $$$ to build objects for the game and sure, it’s got issues but nothing too major or too difficult to work around. My real beef with all this is that I’ve spent a ton of time on this program and frankly, I’m pretty proud of it (as flawed as it may be). Yet here’s the court of hecklers yelling from the rafters with nothing really constructive to contribute. If you put half the effort to critiquing bluepring rather than bashing it, I might be guided to build a better program. Who knows, even *you* might use it one day.

There also seems to be this weird thing going around saying it takes a genius to figure out how to use it. Well, call me a genius then. Sheesh. Sure, any new program is difficult to pick up and each has it’s nuances. Why is it that everything has to be the touch of a button? And maybe someone can tell me how exactly you build a 3D object with a single keypress? I don’t see a “Build Victorian Chair” button in any 3D program I have. Yes, it does take a bit of a learning curve and I’m partially to blame for that. There should be more tutorials and walkthroughs on the site. This is coming along when I have time. However, I *think* I’ve made it fairly simple (or at least as simple as a 3D program can be). If *you* think I failed, then tell me so and how it can be improved. The funny thing is the people saying blueprint is hard are the same ones that are going back to using 3D Studio to build objects. And just how many courses, books and seminars do you have to take to be skilled at that program?

Bottom line, if you’re really displeased with it then say so constructively. Post what’s wrong with it in the forums and saying “it sucks” doesn’t do anyone any good.