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Month: May 2001 (Page 1 of 7)

Sigh. I’ll be offline for a few days. It seems 20gb just isn’t enough these days when you’re developing and trying to hoard programming ideas. I’ve reached my capacity here so I need to do some major cleanup of my system and some re-installs. Such is the life of a Windows developer. I don’t have a release date for 2.0 yet but will have once I straighten things out here at silicon heaven. Seeya!

Argh. I just can’t win. Well, no update tonight. I’m struggling with some twisted internal error my compiler is spitting out. It’ll either be reinstall time or a PC that gets tossed out the window by the end of the evening. I’ll let you know how the battle goes.

Nothing to do?

What a lazy day. I have to admit that I love the weekend. No alarms. No pagers. No phones. No interruptions. And I even found some time this morning to get some graphics onto the site and make it look a little more interesting. There’s hope for this guy yet.

Off for the weekend. I should return with some goodies (although I have said that for a few weekends, so don’t take my word for it). I’m having a few compatibility issues with the new blue and some existing code so I should have it worked out by the end of the weekend. Catcha later!

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