Nothing like coding into the wee hours (hey, I’m on holidays so I can do crazy stuff like this). Finally an image from the blueprint labs. Below is an updated version of the base object dialog. Remember when I said things were changing so you’d be able to set the base object at any point during your object creation (well, I think I said that before, you did take notes right?). Anyways, the process now is to create your 3D scene and at some point (anytime is fine but you won’t be able to export an object to The Sims unless you do this step) you set the base object through a menu option (much like you would now when you use the object wizard except that you can go back and change the base object at any time). Below is an animated GIF (my first one I’ve ever created FWIW) of the dialog. It gives you not only a preview of the object but a preview of the animation as well. Pretty nifty huh? Okay, off to bed.