Greets. I wanted to update you with the plan for the next release (and future releases) of blueprint. Of course, there’s the Sims book due out hopefully by the end of the year. In the meantime, the next version of blueprint offers two modes. Object builder mode and scene builder mode. Object builder mode is the same as what is there today. The ability to import 3D formats, construct your own 3D objects and create Sims objects. I don’t have confirmation right now (but will get it) but from my discussions with Will Wright, objects will be compatible with future versions of the game (including the online Sims, Sims 2 or whatever you want to call it). Scene builder mode lets you build static images using Sim characters, 3D objects and other game models. These images can be used for web pages, desktops, Sims comics, whatever your creative mind can come up. After the next release I’ll begin work on two new modes for the program. The first is an extension to scene builder mode called movie builder mode. This expands the static images you can create with the next release and will allow you to direct your own little Sim movies. The output can be static images, AVI files or MPEG movies. So put that away in your minds and start thinking about what you might be able to come up with. I’ll have more info on this later. The second new mode is character builder mode. This will allow you to modify existing Sim meshes, edit character animations or create new character meshes from scratch. This includes a skin painter that lets you paint right onto the Sim model. You can create new characters and animations with this module and by that time, the editing capabilities of blueprint will allow you to assign these animations to new objects, thereby making blueprint your one stop shopping experience for continuing to expand The Sims until the cow comes home. Please do NOT email me asking when these modules will be done, everything will be posted here in the coming months as things are completed so you’ll be the first to know.