Hi guys. Hope you had a great weekend. Unfortunately I haven’t had time to get things together for todays post but things are in the works for a new release so stay tuned for a firm date on that. In the meantime, I’m putting out a call to arms. If you’re interested in writing new tutorials on blueprint then this is your chance. I’m looking for a few good people that are willing to write some tutorials for the site. I’m just underway of revamping them and making them web and printer-friendly based so your tutorials will be part of that change. The requirements are simple. Create a tutorial to do something in blueprint. It can be a simple introductory tutorial of how to build some basic things, working with 3D objects, texturing. lighting or whatever else you can think of. The payoff? You’ll get your tutorial posted here with full credit, you’ll get a working copy of the latest release of blueprint to build your tutorial and parts of your tutorial might make it onto the Sims book CD-ROM (with your permission of course). So if you’re interested please email me with some info about yourself. An example of your work would be great too. Once approved, I’ll send you a copy of the program and the format the tutorials need to be in (1 screenshot per step). So let me know!