Hiya! Well, finally making some progress on the new blue again. I guess I’ve been a little pre-occupied. I don’t have a date for the next release but I’m working to get it out as soon as possible. I know when I did release 1.0 I said I was going to be doing frequent updates and this still holds true. I’m just a little bogged down with the fairly large changes to the program. After this release it’ll be minor bug fixes and enhancements so I guess it gets fun from here on in.

I’ve put together a new screenshot showing off the program in scene builder mode. This is a carry-over from the previous Sims Scene Builder program that I was going to release, but decided to fold the functionality into blueprint. It basically lets you build scenes for web and desktop images (or whatever your purpose may be). The camera is free and you can zoom, pan and orbit around to view the scene from any angle and any distance. I just put these objects together quickly with the primitives so excuse the ugly look (I’m not much of an interior designer). Of course what’s missing is a Sim which I’m still finishing up. In the release version you’ll be able to not only position a Sim in your scene, you can decide what they wear and what animation (and what frame from the animation) they are using for posing purposes. You will not be able to actually pose them like SimPosium does (in other words, moving individual joints arbitrarily) but you can use any animation available in the game to pose them then step through those animations. Scene builder mode also lets you import models from other games like Quake, Quake II, Quake 3, Half-Life and others so it should make for some interesting scenes. Note, I have the shadows turned on in the scene below, but they’re not working 100% yet so some artifacts remain, making a few jaggy edges below the objects.

I won’t be at E3 (I had planned to be, but things didn’t work out) but drop by and see the Maxis people and see what they’re up to.