Sheesh. Talk about opening the floodgates and watching all the debris fall out. I can’t believe a lot of things that I’ve seen in the last 6 hours on the net. First there’s your typical knee-jerk reaction to my announcement with some people with the “Let’s go” attitude and others with the “This is chaos” attitude. I’ve also noticed there are a lot of people who are mis-informed and enjoy spreading their mis-information to others as if it’s fact.

Basically Edith boils down to this (although I’ve posted this information a few times already I’ll just re-iterate here). Edith is NOT a 3D editor, a paint program, does not create objects from scratch (it can clone an object but there’s no big “Make me an object” button), does not “create” animations (in the sense you can’t say “Make my Sim walk from here to here and pick this object up and do a dance and make him scratch his butt”), will not import 3D files and magically make sprites, and does not allow you to magically change a 1 tile object to a 2×3 tile object. It IS a programmers editor of sorts and lets you change and create pretty much every aspect about an object though. One fellow (which just made me just laugh) mentioned that this was a ploy for me to avoid releasing the final version of blueprint. Sorry to say, the final version IS released. A new version IS underway that just makes it better but you can create objects with the current 1.0 version (sure, it’s no 3D Studio but it’s getting there) with some patience.

Sigh. So I have a feeling that the chaos has already began in the form of mis-informed people about what Edith is and does and spreading that information as gospel. Also, please DO NOT email Maxis and bug them about this (“When will it be done?”, “Can I create a [insert object name here] with it?”, etc.). They have other things to do right now and even after Edith is released, it will NOT be a Maxis supported tool (just like Tmog isn’t). As slimey as that may sound, yes, you’ll have to either buy the book to get all the skinny or just experiment with it and play around.

There are probably 1000 questions that are on some of your minds about Edith so here’s the deal. I’m going to open up a new section on this site for the book and include an Edith FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions). I have a few dozen I can put together for now but if you really have a burning question then just email me and I’ll answer (and probably add it to the FAQ). So send in your questions, get informed and let’s spread some real information about the program so the rants and raves about what Edith can or cannot do should subside in the forums. I’ve also created an Edith forum here on the blueprint site so you can carry on there and I’ll do what I can to answer questions there. Common questions posted here will probably filter their way into the FAQ as well.