Woohoo. Well, the big day is here (in my mind anyways). No, version 2.0 of blueprint isn’t ready yet but I do have some fairly exciting news.

Over the past few months, I’ve been in negotiation and working with Maxis and EA to get permission to begin writing a Sims book. Not just any Sims book though. This isn’t your typical gaming guide. It’s deeper. Much, much deeper.

EA and Maxis have officially given me permission to write the ultimate guide to editing The Sims. This is going to be a book that breaks down all the innards about The Sims and exposes them. From the basics like editing skins with Photoshop, basic object editing with Transmogrifier and blueprint all the way up to and including (drum roll please) editing objects with Edith. Yes, the majority of the book documents Edith (that oh so elusive tool for The Sims), takes you through creating objects from scratch, editing behaviors, testing them inside The Sims, object tuning and tweaking and packaging up your object for mass consumption by the general public. Heard enough? There’s more. Detailed information on the Sims character files, tools for creating new character animations and instructions on how to get these new character animations into The Sims. Is that it? Nope. Theres even sections on full specs for all the file formats so anyone armed with this book can go away with the ability to create almost ANY utility for the game.

Now of course the first question is “How can you write a book about Edith if we don’t have it?”. Well duh. Of course Edith will be available with the book (either shortly before the release or included on the CD with the book, details to be worked out on this).

So hopefull that’ll be good news to all and I hope to see this news spread out amongst the Sims community so everyone can get geared up for it. The book is in of course preliminary stages right now so outlines are being approved and the initial chapters are forming. As new developments are made you’ll be able to preview them here first, including new tools that will be available on the books CD and chapter previews exclusively to you via this website. Now, on the other hand while this will take away from some blueprint duties, rest assured, development WILL continue with that tool (and others) so you’ll have some great proggies to work with while you wait for the release of what will hopefully be a fantastic resource for Sim fans everywhere. The plan is to have the book released towards the end of this year. More specific dates and details will be available in the coming months.

So strap in and hang on. I told you it was going to be a cool ride…