Two things today. First I wanted to just explain the modes that you can be in when working in blueprint. There are 11 different modes that you can be in. Select allows you to well, select objects, lights, etc. Move lets you move the selected object(s) (in the next version you’ll be able to select multiple objects at once), Rotate and Scale are pretty obvious and let you manipulate the selected object. Texture move, rotate and scale do exactly the same as their object counterparts but work on the texture on the selected object. Lastly, there are 4 camera modes you can be in. Pan lets you move the camera around. Zoom will zoom the current viewport. Zoom all will zoom all the viewports at the same time. Orbit (only available in Scene builder mode) will let you spin the scene around the view it from various angles and the last one that looks like a grid from Tron lets you change the FOV or field of vision for the camera. This is similar to zooming but more like changing the lens on the camera so you can get fisheye like scenes. So have fun and experiement a little. The new version lets you switch between the ISO projection that The Sims uses to a perspective view where you can view objects and Sims from any angle.

Secondly I’ll be putting together a TODO page where you can see what’s done and what’s left to be done on the project as well as my every growing list of things to be added in future versions of blueprint (based on your suggestions, emails, forum postings and carrier pidgeon messages I recieve).