Hi guys. Well my daily posts have turned into weekly ones for awhile. Sorry, just swamped with a few million other things and then there’s 800+ emails a day (seriously) that I have to wade through. In any case, I’m still here and plodding along slowly but surely. Still working on the next release but nothing really new there so why bother to post. All is well. Move along citizen.

One thing that has grabbed my attention is the concept of an object wizard that someone suggested. At first I wasn’t sure what the point was (perhaps the way it was presented didn’t look that appealing) however on further thinking about it it might work. This is partially what I had in mind with the blueprint SDK. For example, someone could create stairs via a plug-in. The plug-in would ask how many stairs, the base object, the default texture, handrails, materials, etc. and poof, a staircase is born. For a table someone could input the shape (round, square, diamond, etc.), how many people to seat for, the base object, etc. and poof, a table. Might work and like I said, that was one of the ideas with the plug-in concept. Now that I’m in the throes of restructuring things to make it both easy to use and feature rich (not an easy task mind you) this might fit into the plans. I’ll let you know how it goes and thanks to the original poster for the idea (don’t remember your name).

Seeya next week (no posts for this weekend).