Well here we go. I talked to Maxis and things are moving forward on the book and Edith. Everything looks good and I’ll be submitting my outline to them early next week so I’ll let you know how that goes. I’m continuing to pump out version 2 stuff and will have a few new screenshots shortly for that. In the meantime, keep posting in the forums and keep the ideas and suggestions flowing. BTW, please do not email me about general Sims support. I’m not tech support but for some reason I’ve been getting a slew of email recently with people asking me how to delete items, what the money cheat was and why their sound doesn’t work. Sorry, but I barely have enough time to keep up with support on my programs let alone Maxis’.

On the lighter side of things, I had to complete a census today (1 month late) which proceeded to ask me 125 questions about life, the universe and everything (including 10 questions asking me over and over again if I was a native indian, have ever been a native indian or would think about being one given the opportunity). Personally I wouldn’t be bothered to fill this stupid thing out (hence that’s why it’s a month late) but apparently they’ll toss me in jail if I dont. Nice country eh? What a whacked out world we live in.