Welcome to the very often but sometimes missed newspost! Well heck. Okay, I’m slipping in my old age with daily posts. Could be the dozens of other projects I have on the go or RealLife 1.0 or maybe too much iced cappachinos. Nah. It’s just laziness. So sue me.

Okay, back to blue. Lots of neat stuff going on as I make headway towards that elusive 2.0 release. Yes, it’ll get there (and sooner than later) but these things take time. The odd thing is that not a heck of a lot of people are making things with blueprint 1.0. So this begs a few questions. Is blueprint too hard? Are there just not enough features? What seems to be the problem here. Email me with your ideas, opinions and otherwise dribble about what can be improved (or better yet, visit the funky forums and post your opinion and become flame bait all in the same message!). Anyways, if there’s something severely lacking (besides the obvious, multi-tile, texture bug, etc. give me some credit) then let me know.

There’s a Sims newsletter/CD in the works (not by me but I haven’t checked if they’re announced it yet so I won’t say who) that will probably contain special versions of blueprint (and other programs). Don’t fret. Once the issue following the issue with the software on it comes out, then I’ll make whatever goodies available on the site for you. Basically it’s a way for the newsletter/CD guys to have a bit of a jump on things. I know, life isn’t fair and it sucks to be you. Feel free to email me with whatever hate notes you think are appropriate.

I’ve also been getting a lot of just plain dumb messages lately. Grant you, I’m a bit of a cynic and tend to write off stupid people fairly quickly, but these messages take the cake. One guy wanted to write a program exactly like blueprint (calling it something else of course) so he wanted a copy of the blueprint source code and he would make his

“enhancements”. Uh… yeah, sure. It’s in the mail.