Back from a weekend of silicon debauchery (read: playing Pharaoh until my eyes bleed). Still having some wierd development environment problems. Luckily, I have a few backups at home to code on (yes, my house is what some call “little NASA”) so I’m moving my blueprint development to another one to see if I can track down the problem.

A few tidbits. I do not support any previous versions of blueprint, mainly because I’ve lost the source code to it and the file formats. I still get emails about people with no clue as to what to do with files made with these versions. Sorry, blueprint will never support this format, now or in the future. Also, the grayed out option to create an object from scratch in the current version of blueprint is just that, grayed out. It’s not available and no matter how much you beg and plead to the great paper-clip god on your desktop, it’s not going to appear. It’ll be available in a future version (I know, I shouldn’t even show you if it’s not enabled right? User interface design 101).

Speaking of paper-clips, I’ve finally managed to utterly vanquish that #@%@! paper-clip creature that keeps appearing on my desktop, courtesy of Microsloth Office. It’s the most annoying creation every made if you’re actually trying to do something (like write a book). Every few minutes the little bastard pops his head up asking you if you need help writing something or if you want to auto-format your document because apparently, just typing words isn’t good enough for him. I wouldn’t mind the pop-ups if it was something like Lara Croft instead of Blinky the retarded office supply.

“It appears that you’re searching for ancient treasure! Would you like me to:

  • *Load my sidearm?
  • *Find a better camera angle of my ass?”

Geeks can dream can’t we?