Hi guys. Whew. Made it and I’m still kicking. So many things going on now.

Okay, blueprint 2.0. This is the big guy that you’ve been waiting for. I’m in the final stages of getting things together and there’s so many things here that I’ll need a full new post to describe them so I’ll do that when it comes out. The Reader’s Digest version… v2 will add many new 3D formats, enhanced 3D geometry functions, full object editing including strings, menus, sprites, object animations, etc., custom application skinning (design your own!), many 2D and 3D exports, scene builder mode including many other game model support for importing, raytracing support, external renderer support (including POV-Ray), and much more. The only major things missing will be multi-tile (sorry, just can’t get it completed this time round) and character editing. I do not have a date for the release but you’ll be the first to know when via yours truely.

For anyone following my personal site, I have my fingers in gobs of other projects. I’ve recently got back into writing (or re-writing as is the case) some new BBS door games and WorldGroup modules so drop by if you’re into that thing. I’m actually updating that site these days.

There are some whacky things going on with the forums (besides the flame wars going on, what else is new?). Recently I’ve noticed it’s using the cascading style sheets that are on this site (to maintain a consistant look with here) but some of the fonts are all screwed up. So much for consistancy. Oh well.

That’s about it. Taking a break this weekend to catch up on other projects, sleep, gaming and other Real Life 1.0 stuff. Seeya on Monday!