Greets. More news from the semi-dead. I’m agressively working on blueprint now so should have some fruits to show for my labour shortly (I know, I’ve been saying that for awhile, take it with a grain of salt). I’ve finally got my inbox down to under 30 or so messages (it was sitting at about 800 unanswered emails for the last few weeks, sorry about that). It’s just rather hard to trudge through some of the inane messages like people asking me where to download blueprint from (is the software link not obvious? Do I need to be more obvious with a big button like “GET BLUEPRINT NOW!” or something?) Anyways, I still have some unanswered messages to get to so if you’re waiting, hang in there as I’m getting to you. Also I’m getting ready to release some programming libraries (COM objects) for The Sims in general. I just have to finish the public interfaces on them and do some testing. I’ll put those up as soon as I can along with some sample VB and Delphi code to access Sim files. It’s pretty simple once you get the hang of it. And of course, there’s big blue. As I’ve fast realized, the original program just wasn’t up to snuff IMO. However with V2 I’m promising that (hopefully) both the most computer idiot users and 3D savvy users will be able to gleam through creating professional looking objects in no time (cross your fingers).