Hey there. Just getting some more debugging done and trying to tie up some loose ends with blueprint and the other programs. Someone suggested something interesting with the Far Edit program today. “there are somany files I cant open and see.. and want to be able to see the heads and skins that come with all the sims games and expansions so I can delete the ones I wont use and dont want.. is there a way you can open those head and skin files that come with the game and arent in a bmp format so we can view them and delete ones we dont want please?”. Actually, you basically can. You just delete the cmf and other files from Textures.far. However, you can’t tell what files to delete since they’re all in binary format. Now grant you, I don’t agree to deleting content from the base Sim files, but if that’s your wish then so be it. The next update for the Far Editor will including a decyption process to view the files in text format and allow you to piece things together and see what files make up what. You should be able to remove whatever content you wish easily once this is done.