Greets! A couple of things to take care of today.

First off, I know the texture support in blueprint sucks (especially with imported 3D files, with blueprint primitives it’s not so bad) and even the texture packs available here sometimes don’t load. Trust me. I know! 🙂 So the one thing that is highest priority on my list was to get textures of any shape, size and format working. This is done for the next release. So that, combined with the powerful 3D editing capabilities should make blueprint a well rounded tool.

There are still (and will continue to be) people that just scratch their heads at blueprint and claim Tmog is much easier to use. Well sure. What do you have to do in Tmog? Not much. Press a few buttons and import bitmaps. Besides going into the editor and shifting the tiles around to make sure they match, there’s really nothing much to do. I’m not knocking Tmog. It’s a great program and does what it was meant to. However, when you start mentioning zbuffers and editing palettes, people get the same deer-in-the-headlights look as they do with blueprint. And if you don’t edit your bitmaps with anything but Microsoft Paint (and who does that really?) then where is the simplicity in this? I’m just trying to debunk the idea that blueprint is complicated. Yes, it’s a 3D editor and you have to deal with 3 axes, fractional numbers and all that jazz but compared to any alternative, I think it’s pretty good. I’m still waiting for someone to show me a powerful 3D editor with all the bells and whistles which is easy to use. Sorry, I don’t mean to rant but my emails fill up daily with messages like “I ran blueprint and don’t know what to do”. I can’t help you there. There is no special “Create me a fantastic object” button that you can press and get art. I am lacking on tutorials and for that I’m guilty. There are a few around the net but they seem to be a little thin. Claw made an excellent tutorial for Tmog which weighed in a 20 pages or something (but that covered everything!) so something like that is needed for blueprint.

I’m just in the midst of changing the layout to the site. I’m bored with it and wanted to jazz it up a bit. I know, why mess with a good thing (is it a good thing?). Anyways, when I get time I’ll be doing that but in the meantime I have three goals to get completed with the site. First, a new Edith section. This will be a fairly full featured section that has screenshots and descriptions of the various things you can do in Edith. Second, blueprint tutorials. I keep putting these off until I get to the new version, but that’s still a ways off so I’ll probably hunker down and get the tutorials done toot sweet. I think this would be a good thing. Third is to beef up the developer section. Some new formats need to be discussed so I’ll be filling this area in with stuff I know and can expose. I think with the book coming, which will basically expose almost everything, I should be safe to start dumping out information. And don’t go jumping on my throat by holding all this stuff back. I spent months of working with Maxis and signing NDAs to get where I was. I wasn’t being selfish (or at least I hope I wasn’t), I just simply couldn’t say too much since I was learning all of that stuff myself. Before you get all giddy though, I won’t be dumping out the source code to blueprint or something. There is still a lot of things that I had to do to make things work. Anyways, I’ll update things as I go along and try to get you whatever information you need.

That’s about it. Off to work-by-day land. Seeya soon!