Gadzooks! So many new things to say and do. Okay. First up. blueprint. You can see (finally) a new screenshot below. This is the state of the advanced 3D tools as they are now. Vertex level editing, face extrusion, all that cool 3D stuff you can get in expensive packages now all for free! Really! The wierd and demented shapes in the pic are a cube, sphere and cylinder. They’re just pulled apart and generally messed with what I could do in 30 seconds. So of course if you invest a little time (more than a minute) you’ll be good to go. Of course I’ll post some tutorials on how to make some nifty stuff with the advanced tools. You can still just use the regular stuff. Create a bunch of cubes and shift them around until you get a table or something. Now you can just go that one step farther and create some really neat stuff (like organic sculptures and such). What else can you do with the new blue? Plenty and I’ll be posting new screenshots and info as time goes on. We’re in the final crunch here. Everything is coming together and levelling out so a release is coming shortly, I just don’t have a date yet.

Whew. What else is up? Well, on Saturday at 10am MST (you do the math of what time it is for you) I’ll be having an open chat courtesy of The Sims Resource. TSR is hosting a chat with me. Feel free to drop by and yap about anything. Ask and ye shall recieve. Just no questions about when the program will be out since I don’t know myself. Anything else is fair game. Then on Sunday at 11am PST TSR is again hosting a chat, this time with Will Wright himself. The big Sim guru goes online to chat and talk about things. They’ll be about a dozen of us who will be chatting with him (myself included) but everyone is welcome to watch. I know, it’s boring but I’ll be sure to spice up the conversation and paint Will into as many corners as I can.

And of course this weekend The Sims Community Radio guys have two more broadcasts on Saturday and Sunday (check their website for times and schedules). Whew. Busy weekend and it’s only Thursday! Seeya later!