Hey there. Okay. So I’m back to daily posts. Hurrah. Anyways, I’m struggling with a performance issue now. In the throes of adding all kinds of great functionality (editing vertcies, extruding faces, neato 3D stuff) that will make your modelling experience a pleasure, I’ve come to a bit of a roadblock with performance. After creating an object with just primitives (cylinders with about 160 vertices each, 200 polygons) things slow down when there’s about 10 or 20 on the screen. This isn’t something that would be unheard of, especially if you’re importing a 3DS object with 10,000 polygons. I’m just trying to work out the performance now and fix some z-buffer selection code (being able to pick objects from the scene that are behind each other). Oh, I’ll figure something out. Maybe if I just sold my soul to the devil I could get this done.

Also there’s a new poll (after months of bashing the old one) regarding an idea I have. A weekly radio show courtesy of yours truley and a special guest co-host. Just me yapping for an hour about The Sims, blueprint, programming and whatever else tickles our fancy. Guests include phone-ins from various Maxis creatures and other Sims Community personalities. If you think it’s something you’d be interested in listening to let me know via the poll. If there’s enough positive response I’ll set things up and give it a whack.