New objects? Not from me. However, I did some digging on the net and found an interesting course that was teaching game design. As part of the course, you got to play with Edith and create Sims objects. Very interesting and it produced a page of new objects created by the students in the class. Some of the objects have new graphics (like the evil mirrors) but most are the same graphics from the game. The interesting thing however is the fact that some of the objects were edited by the students and in some case, the behaviors and room scores have been changed and or added.

For example, a propaganda poster will increase your Sims energy but give some Sims headaches and/or naseau. Also, there’s a love potion that has interesting effects as noted by the author “I changed the attributes so that the person drinking the potion now has their energy, hunger, comfort, social, fun and mood increase slightly. I also made it decrease the player’s bladder (make it worse), and their hygiene based on their music skill”. Other objects include a realistic bar (so Sims with drinking problem could go on binges), a sushi farm that has all the perks of a regular aquarium with one added feature: the fish are edible, and a Sim drug that creates a dependency cycle where the Sims “see” this drug as providing what they need whereas it actually makes them need it more (There’s actually one more surprise, too. Drugs kill, and there’s a 1/50 chance that this electronic drug will electrocute your Sim).

So I urge you to check out the site with the objects made by the students and have fun. Some new cool stuff for base objects. You can find the site here. So what are you waiting for??