A new look. Some new tools. New stuff everywhere.

As you can see, the site has got a facelift. I was bored of the old one so I’m flipping over to something a little different. Please be a little patient as it’s going to be a little messy while I get all the other blue goodies hooked up (forum, polls, images, etc.) but we’ll get there.

So the new tools are arriving. The first to grace the scene is the new MenuEditor. This is a pretty slick tool that will not only let you edit the menu text, but also the flags for each menu item in an object and adjust the motive values for each (Room, Social, Hunger, etc.) This is NOT the catalog values that you can adjust with Transmogrifier and blueprint but the actual values which can affect your Sim, the room around them and other good stuff.

Anyways, I’m not going to get into a big explanation. The file is there (or will be) along with the documentation. One note, you have to run it from the command line and pass the name of the IFF file to it in order for it to work (so don’t email me with “Filename missing error, what do I do?”. You have been told!). However, the install will place an icon on your desktop and you can simply drag IFF files from Windows Explorer and drop them onto the icon to run it. Easy huh?

Also (once everything gets uploaded) the texture packs have been moved and rebuilt into new JPG formats that will work much better with blueprint than the current set. There are also some new textures so grab them when you get a chance.