As you may (or may not) know, Maxis is looking into a public release of Edith, their internal tool for editing objects in The Sims. Rumours abound about what Edith can and can’t do and what people want out of it. I’ve started a thread in the Edith forum here and in the General forum on TSR. Feel free to contribute and participate as you see fit.

What I want to know is what you expect it to do for you? What are you plans with it and how do you think you’ll use it. Please be as descriptive as possible in answering but you don’t have to give all your secrets away if you don’t want to. Also remember that you cannot create new animations, sounds, graphical states (drawgroups) with Edith. You can only edit and create behaviors that make use of existing ones as well as change values and create new functionality in objects (for example, restricting the use of an object by sex can be added to an object by creating some new behavior). Your answers, concerns and questions will help shape what comes out of Maxis.