Hey there! So a few updates on the way. I’m updating the MenuEditor program that was released last week with a couple new features. First, you’ll be able to open files inside the program if you don’t pass one on the command line. A billion people (well, maybe not that many but pretty close) didn’t bother reading the instructions and just emailed me when it didn’t work. Silly rabbits. Also, I’m adding catalog editing to it so if you change a value you can update the catalog values as well to keep them in sync. As well I completely forgot about non-English speaking people so I’m updating it for internationalization to support the various non-US releases of The Sims. Sorry about that folks. Guess my head was stuck in English world at the time. I’m also working on a releasing a new tool hopefully this weekend but we’ll see if I can get around to it or not. Not a lot of time for programming on this bright sunny day (I know, sounds like something from Sesame Street, so shoot me…)