Hi ho. An update to the MenuEditor program is now online. This new version (1.1.0) has some nice new features:

  • Removed unnecessary menu flags
  • Graphical Preview of Object for Identification
  • Works with all languages supported by The Sims
  • Updated Layout to support the new features

So the major update here is a gift for our friends overseas. The Maxis menu editor only supports US English. Mine supports all languages that The Sims supports. So if you just want to change menu text, then this is the tool to get (and as an added bonus, I’ve made the graphic used here with the German language setting). If there is anyone from the other countries that don’t support the regular character set (Russian, Japan, China, etc.) then feel free to send me a screenshot of the program. I’d be interested in seeing if it runs under say the Chinese version of Windows and what it looks like. At the request of a couple of suggestions I’ve also added a graphical preview of the object so you know what you’re editing. You can get the new version of the program here.