G’day! Whew. Well, while the Nimba virus rages across the internet I get to deal with a few hundred offers of free Florida vacation packages that I’ve won (providing I pay them a few hundred dollars for processing fees, yeah right!). Thanks for all the emails on the latest MenuEditor. I have a new TODO list as a result so the blue elves are quickly working on new stuff.

As part of the suite of tools that will continue to be released there will be the ObjectEditor from blueprint released in stand-alone form (this is what you’re looking for Melissa!) which will allow you to edit the various attributes of the object without any other overhead. An ObjectCloner is coming shortly (just have to package it up and finish the web page) which just clones objects. Nothing special here but might be handy for those quick clone jobs or whatever… I took the ObjectCloner and stripped away the cloning part to create a bastardized program called (I’m so creative with these names) ObjectViewer. This silly little thing will just let you preview all the objects in a scrollable list (with animations and rotations to boot). Not part of the tools for blueprint but might be a handy utility for some. And finally the SpriteEditor which has been completely overhauled to support animations, new drawgroups and a whole whack of stuff will complete the tools. After that it’s big blue itself with all the new 3D fixins’ and more goodies to come. Whew. That’s a mouthful. Watch for all that in the coming weeks (yes, weeks, not months).

Some new suggestions for the next iteration of the MenuEditor will include displaying the filename you’re working on and a Set To All button (like Tmogs) that will let you set all the language strings to the current one. Not sure why you would want that, but hey, it’s no biggie to add.

One more thing. I’ve had some reports that people are not seeing the Motive names (like Energy, Comfort, Hunger, etc.) but numbers (#4, #15, etc.) instead. The names are loaded from a game file at runtime so whatever is in there is used. However, I’ll double check that I’m loading it at the right time and that they’re correct. If I can’t get a name then I’ll use a default (which may or may not be a good idea, we’ll see).

That’s it for tonight. Off to battle evil and watch the webhits grow astronomically…