I just released the new utility ObjectViewer. ObjectViewer is a simple viewing utility to view object files. Similar to SimExplorer, it lets you browse all object files in the game, from various angles and optionally export the images to standard graphic file formats.

Features include:

  • View objects quickly and easily
  • Automatically detects and locates your Sim objects
  • Displays full filename where object is located to view duplicate objects
  • Supports multi-tile objects and assembles the images together
  • Unique rotation control to view objects from 4 different angles
  • Select near, medium or far zoom levels
  • Customizable background color
  • Export to standard graphic file formats
  • Supports The Sims, Living Large and House Party objects

Below is the screenshot from the final version. Enjoy. Note: If you downloaded it before midnight and get a message about a missing DLL file, grab it again. It’s fixed (duh!)