Tools, tools, and more tools. Well, that’s not the point of this post but I thought I would share that with you.

I wanted to try to clear something up about the recently released utilities. Of course nobody seems to read the forums or the documentation so why would anyone read this? I’ll take a shot anyways. For all of my programs, I use a 3rd party library called DevIL that handles all the image stuff. It basically means I have to do very little work to save and load JPG, TIFF, TGA and BMP files (sorry for bursting your bubble there, I take shortcuts). blueprint was originally released with an older version of the library and the DLL files that the library is based around (ILU.DLL, ILUT.DLL) were put into your Windows system directory. The idea was that new tools would re-use that library and everything would be happy in the land of milk and honey. However, the recent tools (ObjectViewer, ObjectCloner, etc.) use a newer version of the library. Eventually blueprint 2 will use this library as well but in the meantime, there are incompatibility issues when trying to use both at the same time. With the ObjectViewer/Cloner installs, I opted to put the DLL files into the program directory so I could handle the versioning issues a little better now and in the future. The problem arises when you install ObjectViewer/Cloner in the same directory as blueprint. blueprint first looks in the current directory for any custom DLLs then the Windows system directory. Of course, it finds the (newer) versions of the library and tries to load them. This is what’s causing the error that a few people are experiencing. It’s mostly my fault. I forgot to tell people to not install this into their current blueprint directory but another one, where blueprint will be installed eventually (the goal here is down the road to have a swack of programs all in one neat little directory and menu group). So I goofed and this is causing a few problems. Simple fix. First, uninstall the tools you installed and manually delete the *.DLL files in the blueprint directory. Then reinstall the new tools somewhere else (blueprint2 or something) and everything should be fixed. You might have to uninstall blueprint AND repeat the whole process (which should only take a few minutes). However, the key here is not to have any DLL files in your blueprint 1 directory at the end of all this. Clear as mud? I didn’t think so.

I’ll be back tommorow with more info and some future rumblings that are going on. Right now I have a date with my bread machine trying to create my first home made pizza. Let’s hope I’m not as moronic as some of my Sims and set the kitchen on fire.