Thanks for the goobers of emails lately on a whack of topics (mostly people asking me to help them do something, I can never seem to get away from that). I know that may sound vague but lately the emails have included a variety of things. In any case, I do appreciate it and yes, I realize there are lots of people that read this page. My comment yesterday about nobody reading this site was just me being me. You know how it is.

Anyways, two minor things. First, I have the complete blueprint news archives online now (and there was much rejoicing). This has postings from the last year in blueprint news. If you want to kill yourself and read the 300 or so entries (I tried to post everyday, but sometimes that just wasn’t the weirding way) then go for it. You can find the link on the left menu at the bottom under “News Archives”. I do apologize for some people that are running at 800×600 who said they couldn’t see the menu on the side. Unfortunately for visual impact, I didn’t make the page so you could scroll. I’ve fixed it now but it looks horrible at a low resolution. For the love of God please run your systems in at least 1024×768. You’ll probably see many things that were never there before.

Also, Discreet (the guys who make 3D Studio MAX that we all know and pirate) has just released their gmax program. A freeware 3D editor that is somewhat scaled back from the mighty 3D Studio. However, before you hop over there to download this beast of a file don’t get all moist and sticky thinking you’ll be able to create objects with it. There is no renderer included and no bitmap output. You would have to render in the viewport (which isn’t horrible, but certainly not the photo-realistic images that MAX normally produces. Also, it only supports loading .gmax files so no 3DS loading for you! Yes, you’ll continue to flail around in blueprint hell for creating 3D objects in The Sims, but the next version of bluerpint will be much nicer to work with. I promise. Anyways, head on over here to check out the program if you’re interested.