Okay, I’ve thought about this for awhile and made a decision.

I’m putting together a utility to edit Careers. I’ve stayed away from this when Maxis told me that editing these will cause errors in future patches, etc. and I didn’t want to be responsible for causing this (and thus phone calls/email to Maxis Tech Support which I’m sure they would love).

Well, after seeing that everyone has been talking about Careers lately, I figure I might as well write an editor. The Careers are just simple strings in a file called Careers.iff so it’s no biggie to edit the file. The implications of course are large, but I’m creating a standard disclaimer (“Use of this program may cause your game to fail on application of a future patch/upgrade, blah blah blah”) and figure that should cover it.

Below is a work in progress image (grabbed from the TSR forum where this thread started, hope they don’t mind). The initial release will be fairly simple and straight forward. New features might be added later to handle other options.

You probably will not be able to create new Careers (unless I can determine that the game will load more than the current number) but you will certainly be able to change the existing ones. You can import and export the careers to an XML file to swap and share with friends. Also, there is a facility to export the original career paths to another XML file so you can re-import them later. This is to compensate for handling updates or patches that Maxis may release. Watch for this goodie shortly.