Dear Friends,

It was a dark day in history yesterday of course. The unspeakable terrorist attack against the United States, which resulted in the destruction of the twin World Trade Center towers, the subsequent attack against the Pentagon, the downing of United Flight 93 and the deaths of perhaps thousands of lives, is heard ’round the world. On almost every mailing list, message board, chat room and other means of electronic communication people are talking about it. At work everyone I passed was talking about it. Companies even here in Calgary, thousands of miles away from the tragedy, shut down and sent people home. All aircraft in North America was shut down and grounded by the FAA in the United States, an unprecedented event. This will be a day long remembered and mourned. My heart goes out to the those lost, their friends and families and everyone who is affected by this. I truely hope that you and your loved ones are safe from harm, and getting through this as best you can.

William Paul Simser

Calgary, Alberta