Sheesh. What a bit of a nightmare with the site update. With the popularity of SimFreaks and blueprint, there’s never a good time to upload files let alone an entire site. Anyways, the look is here and the files are coming. The moose are working overtime to get things back to normal. Please leave your seatbelts buckled until the no smoking light is turned off. Thanks.

As for the MenuEditor, two things.

First and foremost, this is a tool that is part of the new set of tools for blueprint. blueprint manages the IFF files for you and will pass the filename of your object to these programs. As such, you need to pass a filename to the program for it to work (there is no menu or dialog to open a file once the program is launched). So if you just click on the program and get a message about no filename present please please don’t email me saying the program doesn’t work! The installer places an icon on the desktop which you can drag and drop a file onto from the Windows Explorer. You can also setup an association with the IFF files so that you can double click on it to launch it. See your Windows documentation on how to do this if that’s your thing. Short of that, you can put the program into a path on your computer and run it from the command line.

With the editor itself, there might be some confusion over it’s purpose. Motives and altering these values in your Sim involves a complex set of dynamics. The motive scores that you can edit with this program will change what Maxis calls “advertisements” to the Sim about the object. For example, an object that advertises a high hunger score might be gobbled up by a Sim (if he’s hungry) over something that doesn’t have as high a score. The values themselves also play into how they affect the Sim while he’s executing the action however there is still usually a lot of SimAntics code behind the object that carries out the score changes. The values you set in the editor do factor into the equation for applying the score to your Sim, but it’s not the complete solution. It takes time and in some cases, the score might not change or might not be immediately obvious. The main thing is that these are the advertisement values for the object that send out little Sim flashes to say “Come Play me” or “Look at me!”. Changing scores is a rather sticky process and without the full editing capabilities of Edith to directly set the values, this is the closest we can get for now. This will allow you to edit the motives for objects thus allowing them to alter some of the scores in the game (unlike the catalog values that are just for show). This should suffice for now though and give you that extra little flair you can put into your creations though.

One more thing, if you go editing the values of an object with the MenuEditor, you might want to change the catalog values using Tmog or blueprint to reflect the changes. MenuEditor is for editing the individual action items but doesn’t reflect the values in the catalog (although I might add that if you want it).