At long last, I finally have motive editing in blueprint. The holy grail of object editing is complete. What’s motives you ask? It’s those pesky things that command the Sims to feel hungry or increase their bladder or make them comfortable when using your object. I can finally alter these motives in blueprint so this will be included in the next release due out in a few weeks (before the beginning of October is my plan). One note about the object motives though. These are only base values and are adjusted based on the Sims personalities. Also, the actual motive gains and losses are still coded inside the SimAntics code using Edith. This I am not trying to reproduce. However, the code that’s in the object that actually adjusts the values uses the base values that you can change with blueprint now, they’re just adjusted at runtime based on the game environment and the Sim that’s interacting with them. In any case, it’s very cool and you should be good to go with full editing of objects with the next release of the program.