Greetings automatons! Thanks for the huge response to my call for help on Friday. I have a good cross-section of people now that I’m evaluating and you’ll be notified if you get the secret decoder ring or not. I can’t respond to anyone so if you don’t get an email from me in the next couple of days, thanks for playing 🙂

Today I’m just getting things wrapped up for the test and trying to find some time to put together tutorials for the site. I know, I know. I’ve been saying that for a coons age (how long does a coon live for though?). I just never get around to it. My apologies. I’m also getting ready for the release of the ObjectEditor this weekend, a new tool that will quickly let you edit object stuff.

With the release of all these neat tools, I bet you’re thinking that it’s becoming messy to try to figure out which one to launch for what? And the pain of having to go through your start menu (or desktop) everytime you want to launch something (providing you installed these tools, if not, you’re probably thinking I’ve lost it so you can end your web session here). Anyways, an update to SimExplorer will be forthcoming with a new menu that will let you launch any of the tools (if installed) via it’s interface. So you’ll get a new update to an old dog with much more functionality than before. This is just part of my master plan for taking over your hard drive and filling it with my programs, in case you wanted to know.