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Day: October 5, 2001

Just a quickie on the browser issue. I had a reference in the main file here (index.html) that was looking for a style sheet file that doesn’t exist on the site. It’s not needed in the index file since the site uses frames, but Netscape was choking on it. Apparently IE just ignored it and moved on. Not sure if that’s a good thing or a bad thing for Microsoft. Anyways, it’s fixed and the browser problems should be gone now. Feel free to view the site with whatever program you have now (exept for Lynx but I doubt anyone even knows what I’m talking about).

Hey there. A couple of things to launch the weekend.

First, there’s been apparently gobs of reports that people can’t see the site. The site looks fine to me under IE 5 and 6 but I haven’t tried Netscape. The only way I can fix this is if someone tells me what browser they’re using and what the page looks like. Of course I have a conundrum. If you can’t see the site, how can you read this and tell me about it? Oh woe is me. Anyways, please stop emailing Heather at SimFreaks about this, she has more than enough to do already.

I’m just rallying the beta testers up this weekend with the next version of blueprint. We’re taking a slightly different approach this time ’round. Mike Stern has graciously volunteered to be the leader of the merry men (and women) so he’s co-ordinating the test team and has a plan worked out. No, you guys still haven’t recieved word on who was picked yet so that’ll be coming this weekend. Sorry for the unnerving delay.

Up next on the tool palette are the ObjectEditor (basically the same thing that’s in the current blueprint turned into a stand-alone application with a few enhancements), the BHAV Editor for editing object behavior trees, a string editor to handle all the various strings stuffed into those objects and finally the SpriteEditor, a stand-alone app that will let you import individual bitmaps for complete control over object replacement. Then of course there’s blueprint that ties all these things together, but that’s coming later. The CareerEditor is still in the works and is awaiting some changes to support Living Large, House Party and the soon-to-be-released-where-is-my-copy-Maxis? Hot Date. However, that’s on the back burner right now while I get the other tools out the door. I’m stuck in this human form with only two arms and limited brain capacity so bear with me as I get things completed. Thanks!