Bit of a non-blueprint update, but somewhat Sims related none the less. If you’re a regular (or non-regular) poster on The Sims Resource forums, you’ll know that there are quite a few threads featuring pics of the users who haunt there. Well, in light of the fact that these threads would go on for dozens of pages and hundreds (sometimes thousands) of replies, it got to be a little much searching for anything and made the thread basically useless. So yours truly has put together a new site that features pictures from the users who post on the forums over there so you can finally see, in a somewhat organized format, who looks like what. You can find the site here. Full instructions for submitting your pics are there and the process is quite painless and totally automated. The site is devoid of graphical lustre right now, but we’ll get it spiffed up. The purpose is there and pics are being submitted all the time. Enjoy!