Hey ho. Welcome back from the weekend (we all have to have a little time off right?).

Okay, a bunch of things that are piled up in the blueline right now that I’m (slowly) getting to. Bear with me.

blueprint 2 test. Yes yes yes. I know, I still haven’t got the note off to the testers or things flowing there. Sorry about that. Just so many things to keep track of and stay on top of I’ve just fallen behind here. Don’t worry, we’re getting to it and everyone will be happy-happy-joy-joy very soon.

ObjectEditor is a stand-alone version of the object editor that’s built into blueprint right now and will be coming along shortly (hopefully this coming weekend if all goes well). Not much going on here but with the release of this comes a new version of SimExplorer that has been completely revamped to support all the new little proggies I’ve been pumping out lately (you have been collecting yours right?). Anyways, a SimExplorer that has a swack of new features I’ll get into later is just around the corner including a nice feature to handle those thousands of files you have but don’t know what to do with (and The Sims takes forever to load right?). Anyways, that’s a biggie which is almost ready to pull back the velvet on. Also included is a new version of the FAR Edit program (renamed to FarExplorer). This is an enhanced version of the current program but will give you some more viewing options and a wizard to create new, completely compatible Far files (well, we’ll see how compatible in due time, more on that later) and be good, happy little object makers.

Last but not least is the silence I’ve been getting from Maxis lately. I realize that they’re in the final stages of releasing Hot Date but I’m jumping up and down in the corner screaming and nobody is even at least telling me they’ll get to me after the release. There are two major concerns I have. First, I keep hearing rumors (rumors because they’re unconfirmed by Maxis) that various Hot Date files are going to be incompatible with current tools which, in a nutshell, means that everything I’m doing needs to deal with these changes. However, as I said these are rumors and as such, I don’t know what files they mean or what the impact could be. So if anyone does get their hot little hands on Hot Date before me, let me know what programs work and what don’t so I can share the news. The other issue is that of the book. It’s a long story that I won’t get into right now but I had to re-negoitiate my contract with them to do the book, but that’s still up in the air. Regardless, I will finish the book and release it. If it doesn’t get published, I’m making it available in downloadable form somehow. Hey, it’s my property and my work so I should be able to do whatever I want with it right? Anyways, we’ll see how things progress (or regress) on that front and I’ll keep you in the loop.

Whew. That’s about it. Nice way to start off a week huh? Back to the coding board for me. Thanks!