Sheesh. In all the hub-bub yesterday I forgot to mention some pretty cool news.

I’ve been making some pretty massive changes to blueprint lately and in all the fix-ups, things have become pretty modular. Anyways, the short of it is that most of the code has been designed for portability in mind and is only a few steps away from running on three platforms now, Win32, Linux and the Mac. I’m still working out the Mac issues right now and still don’t have a copy of the game for The Mac so I’m not sure how I’m going to do the whole testing thing (plese don’t email asking to test it I have enough to sift through right now). So the short of it is that there will be a Mac version of all the tools found here. As usual I’m not sure when this will happen and the Mac and Linux versions won’t show up until after the Windows ones, but they’re on the way.