Hey guys. Back again to fight another weekend full of programming good things for you.

I’ve finally cleared out the blue office to get some work done. Things have been in a bit of shambles the last few days and I’ve been rebuilding the network. After blowing up another hub, I finally managed to get my Mac, Win32 and Linux boxes all back online and talking to each other (makes for moving files across to other systems much easier). I will be looking for some Mac testers so if you’re running the Mac version of The Sims, let me know and I’ll add you to the list. I only have a cheesy little PowerPC so I’ll deter the real testing to those with big, powerful cubes.

XP is out but I’m not installing it. I just can’t deal with the Fisher Price OS they have and the constant reminders to sign up with Passport and whatnot. I know there are some problems under XP so if you have those, we can work together to fix them. Again let me know through email if you’re interested and we’ll talk.

Sigh. Seems like I have to keep up with a half dozen OSes these days to make everyone happy. Seeya!