Well, another evening full of ghouls and ghosties and things that go bump in the night. Well, not quite. Anyways, I have the Mac testers put together so you’ll be getting an email sometime in the future (nice and specific huh?) about what we’ll do there. Just relax though, it’ll be a few weeks before anything moves on the Mac platform. I am going to try to support all Mac OS versions (7.5.x and up including X) but try is the key word here. My resources are a little limited (two Macs and an emulator) and as much as I’d like to, I’m not going out to buy a Mac version of the program. I’ll leave the specifics up to the Mac testers so hopefully we’ll have all bases covered there. Enough of the Macspeak. As for the other set of beta testers for blueprint 2, you’re still on my list and I’m checking it twice. Just hang in there. I’m also working out some logistics with the multi-platform support right now which is slowing things down a bit, but I don’t like having to re-write gobs of code for each OS (blueprint weighs in at 10,000 lines right now and then there’s the other utilities and the Sims code that I had to port because Aspyre [the guys that made the Mac version] never returned my emails). Sigh.

Another point. Someone mentioned about my news postings sometimes just flabbering on making much ado about nothing. This is true. I am guilty. Hey, I can’t be Mr. blue 24/7 and I certainly can’t come up with news on a daily basis but I do. Even if it’s just to say that I’m still alive or my house burnt down or zombies took over the Earth. So maybe I can’t talk geek talk everyday, or tell you something useful but if you’re reading this then you’re still paying attention right? Beats the hell out of surfing for porn.