A little bit of a diversion here today. As I was browsing one of my more favorite haunts, Slashdot, I came across a news item that focused on some things Don Hopkins mentioned on LinuxGames.org regarding game development on Linux and other varoius things. Some interesting quotes:

I evangelised to my co-workers and managers at Maxis about how I thought Loki would be the ideal company to port The Sims to Linux. Since there really isn’t much demand for a Linux port, I proposed doing a Mac port in a way that would facilitate them both. Before The Sims was ever released, I wrote and sent a proposal around Maxis, outlining how to port The Sims to the Mac and Linux, using SDL and Open GL.


So I used SDL to do a native port of The Sims to Linux, and got most of the game running quite well, except for drawing the people and roofs (which would require hacking a system memory back end to Mesa), and sound (which would require using OpenAL, with which I hoped Loki would have been able to help me). I was actually quite surprised at how quickly I was able to get a native port of The Sims running on Linux. My previous experience porting SimCity [catalog.com] to Unix took a lot more time. But the tools are much better and computers are way faster now. And of course I was more familiar with the code base. I offered the results of my work to Loki on reasonable terms. They didn’t seem interested. I talked to some people at Maxis about it, and they said that Loki had been discussing it with Maxis, but they hadn’t heard back from them in a long time.

So the code has been ported to Linux to an extent (I knew Don was working on this for the Sims online servers that are going to be running Linux but wasn’t sure how far he got, expect a call tonight Don to barrage you with new questions). Anyways, for the geek involved maybe you’ll find it interesting. Here’s the link to the full posting (about 3 or 4 posts down). For the rest of the Sim world, you’ll probably just yell at me and tell me to get back to working on blueprint.