Gak! Two posts in one day. Oh well, more fantasy expansion packs for your Sims.

The Sims Frogger Mode

No houses, no bills, no screaming babies or repo men. This is hard, crude Sims at their best. The goal is to just get across the street. Various cars looking for employees who can’t be bothered to go to work zoom up and down the streets looking to pick off a new victim. New objects include the pothole, manhole cover and Men At Work signs to discourage drivers.

The Sims Heavy Metal Mania

Instead of building homes, you construct sound stages for public performances. Armed with miles of gaffer tape and electrical cords, you build the best darn show on SimEarth. New NPCs include Arnold the Roadie Manager, Bucky the Assistant (guaranteed not to work after 3:30pm, he’s union after all), and Buffy the Groupie who performs various feats of astonishing talent like getting doughnuts and stripping on request. Bonus points if you can actually convince a band to play the stage for you.

The Sims Movie Studio

Build a fully featured movie studio including lights, camera and all the action you can get. New NPCs include Tonka the choreographer who will train your actors to learn the art of wire-fu fighting. New objects include the directors chair, set backgrounds that look too good to be real, and the annoying megaphone where your Sims can run around and pretend they’re in charge. If you build a sucessful movie set, maybe Steven Spielburg will visit and tell you how he got into the business.