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Month: November 2001 (Page 1 of 9)

Hey guys. Just trying to wind down for the weekend a bit. Looking forward to spending some time on some Sim tools so I’m off for the weekend on that crusade. Back on Monday with news. The guys from the chat still haven’t emailed me the transcript but I’ll get that online as soon as I can. Also doing some website changes/updates this weekend. Seeya.

Well, the chat is over. Argh. My humble apologies.

Things really didn’t go very well as far as a chat goes, IMO. First off, the questions were being asked by a moderator then typed out by a typist at their end. Of course, if anyone can imagine it’s pretty near impossible to compose a paragraph of coherent thought in your head without seeing what you’re saying. Especially when the typist was stopping mid-sentence to ask for spelling confirmations. ARGH!

Second, I had no idea the chat site was inaccessible to non-US people. It’s something to do with the entire site, not just the chat. Of course, being in Canada I couldn’t even get into my own chat! Sigh.

So I apologize to everyone not in the US or who couldn’t make the chat. I’m not sure what I said or what it came out as but they’re emailing me a transcript of the chat which I’ll be posting here later. Thanks to everyone who did drop by. I think things were interesting as we covered topics like comic books, the railway, game design and of course, The Sims.

Hiya. So the chat starts in a couple hours over at LabZone. We’ll be talking about Sims tools and such and whatever else comes up. See you there!

Well this is cutting it under the wire. The LabZone guys emailed me about tommorows chat so here’s the info. The chat starts at 2:30 pm EST. Just before the chat, go to their website and they’ll be a “Chat room link info” link that will take you to the chat. The chat is moderated so you submit questions, some chick talks to me on the phone and relays the answers back to the chat (hopefully emulating my sardonic wit at the same time). I know, a little odd since I can keep up with 50 or so people in a chatroom, but it’s their way. Info about the chat is posted on the site now (not much) with a pic and bio of me. So get your questions together and see you tommorow!

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