Screw the news. This is just too fun. I was poking around on Googles newsgroup cache, looking for my name (I know, a vanity thing but I do it from time to time to see what people are saying about me). I found a few gems. Names have been left in full view to display the idiot impaired.

From: Jeremy Reaban (

Subject: Why Maxis still sucks


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Date: 2000/10/18

Maxis has repeatedly given out their file formats (and possibly Edith)

to this Bil Simser guy, who is apparently a decent programmer, but has

string us all along for months and months on his possibly ‘fake’

blueprint program. And they still give him the files specs after his

blueprint was mysteriously destroyed in a hard drive crash…

Yet, other people who have asked for file specs from Maxis (and Edith)

have been denied this. Why is this guy so special? He’s a competent

programmer apparently, but so are a lot of other people.

His inside knowledge allows him to make utilies while the rest of use

have to reverse engineer stuff. Very unfair…

If the Gaming press had any balls, they’d report this, and harass

EA/Maxis over this. They still occasionally harass Derek Smart for far


Maybe because I spent 2 years of my life writing such utilties and not getting paid a red cent? Maybe because I spent thousands of dollars on long distance phone calls, chasing people down and getting snippets of code over the course of 6 months. Maybe because I signed an NDA with Maxis and have honored it to this day (even though I think it’s expired now). I do agree that others have petitioned Maxis for information and got nowhere. I guess I just was at the right place at the right time and got Will’s ear. I keep it here in a box under my desk.

Exactly one year later (different newsgroup) the same guy comments some more on my wonderful software:

From: Jeremy Reaban (

Subject: Re: Paladin’s SimWardrobe site back–with new programs!


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Date: 2001-10-18 21:17:53 PST

wrote in message news:9qnvmu$583

> And he’s got a FAR maker program that he says creates FAR files that

> work in the game (unlike FarEdit)

Given how much information Maxis has apparently given him, Bil Simser

(the FarEdit guy) has produced remarkably crappy stuff.

Man. He really doesn’t like me does he? I’m definately going to start reading now! Oh the joys of searching for ones self on the net…