Hey guys. Late night news post to finish up the weekend. I didn’t get a chance to finish the software releases I was planning so I’ll try to get those done this week (or next weekend at the lastest). There’s a few updates to the current releases but it doesn’t include the new blueprint. Still working on that.

A couple of myths to put to rest (based on emails I’ve been getting). I did not write Edith. Some people seem to have this delusion that I did. Edith is a Maxis product and I don’t have any control over the release or development of it. I also cannot give out copies of it to anyone. It’s not mine to give. One of the more amusing emails I got said “So, PLEASE give me Edith, no excuses, EDITH PLEASE. Yeah. Like that’s going to work.

I am working on restoring the file format pages and tutorials so just give it time. I know. I know. You guys want it all. I just have limited time to work on these things. If I could clone myself with Tmog then I would, but that’s not possible with the current version. Back later with more useless junk.