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Day: November 28, 2001

Well this is cutting it under the wire. The LabZone guys emailed me about tommorows chat so here’s the info. The chat starts at 2:30 pm EST. Just before the chat, go to their website and they’ll be a “Chat room link info” link that will take you to the chat. The chat is moderated so you submit questions, some chick talks to me on the phone and relays the answers back to the chat (hopefully emulating my sardonic wit at the same time). I know, a little odd since I can keep up with 50 or so people in a chatroom, but it’s their way. Info about the chat is posted on the site now (not much) with a pic and bio of me. So get your questions together and see you tommorow!

In other Sim news…

Transgaming has released a new version of WineX. WineX allows you to run x86 windows games and programs on x86 Linux. It includes allmost full directx support (up to 7 including direct3d). What’s this got to do with The Sims you ask? Transgaming has their own, apparently optimized version, of The Sims that they bundle with this package that runs under WineX. Apparantely the commerical Windows version doesn’t. The cost of the gaming edition is $69 US which includes their Linux (Mandrake) distribution, installer and a copy of The Sims. I guess they’ll be supporting the expansion packs as time goes on. A little sad though since it means that if you want to run The Sims under Linux you have to buy their version (and perhaps their future versions of other Windows games). I’m not sure what optimizations they make or how they make them or what involvement Maxis had in all this. The concept of WineX was to allow you to run Windows programs under Linux so it would open up more software (including games) to people wanting to run that operating system. So if you go down this route, you’re stuck buying your “Windows” games from them (since they’re somewhat changed from the off the shelf Windows versions) and thus if you decide to go back to Windows as an operating system, you have a game that might not work with it. A little odd if you ask me. Anyways, one step closer to removing that mulit-boot that I have to do everytime I want to run Linux.