Well, the chat is over. Argh. My humble apologies.

Things really didn’t go very well as far as a chat goes, IMO. First off, the questions were being asked by a moderator then typed out by a typist at their end. Of course, if anyone can imagine it’s pretty near impossible to compose a paragraph of coherent thought in your head without seeing what you’re saying. Especially when the typist was stopping mid-sentence to ask for spelling confirmations. ARGH!

Second, I had no idea the chat site was inaccessible to non-US people. It’s something to do with the entire site, not just the chat. Of course, being in Canada I couldn’t even get into my own chat! Sigh.

So I apologize to everyone not in the US or who couldn’t make the chat. I’m not sure what I said or what it came out as but they’re emailing me a transcript of the chat which I’ll be posting here later. Thanks to everyone who did drop by. I think things were interesting as we covered topics like comic books, the railway, game design and of course, The Sims.