Hiya. Quiet weekend as I wind down from the snow here. Anyways, this week (Thursday) I’m hosting a online chat courtesy of LabZone. More details will be coming up about the chat, but it’s an hour long, you guys connect via a chat client (or perhaps IRC, I’m not sure) and I’m on the phone to the moderators of the chat who are relaying the questions to me and typing my answers into the chat. A little odd if you ask me but they say it’s effective. Like I said, more info later this week about how to join in. Should be fun.

BTW, those that are unfamiliar with the process of creating a snow angel (boy are you guys deprived of a joyous thing) you basically fall flat on your back in some fairly deep snow and then flap your arms and legs up and down. The arms form the wings of the angel and the legs (moved in and out or left and right, whichever way you want to do it) form the base of the angel. Stand up and voila, a snow angel. Well, maybe a video is needed.