Just a quick note here. Patrick Barrett from Maxis posted a message on the TSR forums about an “official” Maxis tool that’s coming out to handle sub-categories and flagging objects for downtown. Unfortunately there was some mixup at Maxis so it’s not available for this SimDay but watch for it. He also mentioned about not using MenuEditor to flag objects as being available for visitors (like some people are doing). On this point I have to agree with him. MenuEditor was written pre-Hot Date and there have been some changes in their file formats since then. You may not see problems with changing Hot Date objects immediately but over time this could change (some people report an error message when they save the menu). I’m working on updated versions of everything right now and a new version MenuEditor is part of this update. So for Hot Date users, I would suggest not using MenuEditor for now, pre-HD users are fine (this would be true for the official Maxis menu editor as well since it was built pre-Hot Date too).