Hiya. Haven’t got Hot Date yet (but it’s on the way) but I found out the nifty new sub-catagories for the objects are part of the Far files. Soooo… the first thing I’m updating (due out later this week once I get HD to test it) is a new version of FarExplorer with a modified Far wizard. This will let you do two things. First, you’ll be able to create new Far files but also it’ll let you convert files in existing Far files and put them into catagories. So for those of you that have large collections of objects and want to get your own creations out of the Misc catagory and into where they belong, just hang in there and I’ll get you the tool to do it shortly.

I’m also going to look at how to get your user created objects into the downtown area and see what I can do there. Damn I wish I had more heads up on this. Oh well. The good thing is that for European users, the programs will arrive just in time. They’ll be other updates in the next few weeks as I scramble to make everything HD compatible. Seeya.